Book Summary: Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict & Armen Keteyian

My Personal Summary

This book is a biography of Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer of all time.

Tiger was introduced to golf at the age of 6 months old, when he would watch his father hit golf balls into a net in their garage.

He personally hit 10,000 hours of practice by age 12, which explains why he was such a dominant force at such a young age.

He had an amazing career, winning 14 majors and becoming a billionaire mostly through sponsorships.

However, he had a totally messed up personal life because of the way he was raised in such a cold manner by his parents.

Book Notes

  • Tiger’s father, Earl, met Tiger’s mom while on a tour in Vietnam in 1967. He brought her back to the U.S., they married, and Tiger was born in 1975. Tiger was born as Eldrick Tont Woods but Earl referred to him as “Tiger” as a tribute to a comrade from Vietnam.
  • At 6 months old, Tiger would watch his dad hit golf balls into a net in their garage.
  • At age 2, Tiger was already practicing golf for 2 hours per day.
  • At age 4, Tiger’s parents got him a private instructor at a nearby golf course.
  • At age 5, Earl wouldn’t let Tiger participate in any extracurricular activities after kindergarten because he had to practice golf instead.
  • At age 11, Tiger entered 33 junior golf tournaments and won every one of them.
  • At age 12, it’s estimated that Tiger hit 10,000 hours of practice with golf. Some say this is the point where one is considered a master at their craft.
  • At age 14, Tiger practiced an average of 10 hours per day in the summer.
  • At age 16, Tiger played in his first PGA tour event. He missed the cut but still played pretty well.
  • At age 18, Tiger won the US Amateur Championship, becoming the youngest ever to win it and beating Jack Nicklaus’ record of winning it at age 19.
  • At age 18, Tiger attended Stanford University. He played on the golf team there for 2 years before turning pro.
  • At age 20, Tiger turned pro and immediately signed a 5-year $40 million sponsorship deal with Nike and a $20 million deal with Titleist. He proceeded to win two of his first seven tournaments.
  • At age 21, Tiger won his first major at Augusta, becoming the youngest player to ever win it. He won by a whopping 12 strokes.
  • At age 24, Tiger completed the “grand slam” by winning all four major championships, becoming the youngest player and only the fifth ever player to accomplish this.
  • In his mid 20’s, Tiger began to visit Las Vegas frequently with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, often hooking up with many women.
  • At age 29, Tiger got married to Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model. He cheated on her with a long list of women when he traveled.
  • At age 31, in 2006, Tiger’s dad died.
  • In 2009, Tiger crashed his car in his front yard after Elin found out he was cheating and chased him out of the house with a golf club.
  • In 2010, Tiger and Elin got divorced.
  • “The secret to Tiger’s dominance was that he was the most one-dimensional human being on the PGA tour. The game was his life.” This is common among top 0.1% performers in any field. Conor McGregor said he never thought about anything else but fighting. Kobe didn’t do anything but practice. Logic didn’t do anything but rap during his come-up. The greats tend to be great at one thing because they funnel almost all of their energy into it at the exclusion of everything else.
  • In 2017, Tiger was arrested for a DUI after combining five different medications. His mugshot with blurry eyes became infamous.
  • In 2018, Tiger won his first tour tournament in over five years.

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